Bernard Maternity Photos

What an amazing and strong family! I am so proud to introduce you to the Bernard family and show off Kailey’s maternity photos! She is such a beautiful mom, inside and out!!! I have loved getting to know this family  over the last year when they asked me to take family photos for them. Kamara has grown up so much already in such a short period of time!!! She will be an amazing big sister to baby Asher. As I write this post, Mr. Asher has made his arrival and with it came many challenges! Because of those challenges, we were unable to get newborn photos of him but I fully plan to get him in front of my camera as soon as he’s able to come home and tolerate it! It hasn’t stopped me from going to see him though and I can tell you that he’s absolutely adorable!!  I see why Dean, Kailey, and Kamara are head over heels in love with him!! 

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